Advisory Services

  • Advisory Services

  • We survey technology and start-up company trends in the biotechnology and medical fields.

  • From the Pangaea database of over 10,000 companies, we investigate biopharma, medical device startups, diagnostics manufacturers, clinical testing labs, AI drug discovery companies, and digital health companies. We support the realization of strategies envisioned by clients, such as the formation of research alliances, surveys of new business needs, and exploration of potential investment/acquisition targets.

Drug Discovery R&D Support

  • Drug Discovery R&D Support

  • On outsourcing experiments, we take care of the entire process of searching for service providers to selecting and executing transactions.

  • From the Pangaea database of over 10,000 companies, we select and propose CROs, CMOs with appropriate technologies and work experience to meet the specifications of the experiments.
  • This service includes contacting potential CROs and CMOs, requesting brochures, evaluating technologies by Q&A, getting quotations, negotiating contracts on behalf of the client.

Japan Market Entry Support

  • Japan Market Entry Support

  • We support suppliers, CROs, and CMOs
    who want to expand their business in Japan by finding the right distributor.

  • Our team of experts in the Japanese market builds the best sales channel for your business. We research distributors with high synergy with your products and services and handle client relations for establishing distribution channels from introductory meetings to contract negotiations.

Why It's Important to Find Distributor?

Entering the Japanese market is not an easy task. The hurdle is the difference in language, decision-making style, business culture, and complex business transactions through various sales channels and multi-layered distributors. Appointing the right distributor for your target customers is essential for business success, whether a pharmaceutical company (headquarters, laboratory, manufacturing site), biopharma, university, or diagnostics company.