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Petri (β version) - Biotech Search

Petri (β version) - Biotech Search

Developing a web service to easily access biotech information from around the world.

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    • 2021.09.04
    • Analysis Reports on Nikkei Biotech

    We posted short repots on Nikkei Biotech. It provides pipeline analysis by biotech listing year to analyze the trends and changes in modalities, and investigated unique drug discovery approaches of five biotechs who have a program with “unusual” modalities.
    1) Biotechs to IPO Quicker, More Oncology Focused
    2) Featured Biotechs Developing Unique Modalities

    • 2021.01.11
    • The number of projects has reached 50 projects with 10 valued clients.

    Thanks to our valued clients, we've provided Advisory Service and Drug Discovery R&D Support to 10 clients, totally 50 projects. We will continue to make efforts to improve our services further.

    • 2020.07.27
    • Head Office moved to a new location.

    The head office has moved. When you visit Tokyo Nihonbashi, please stop by.

    • 2020.06.12
    • Petri β version is now available!

    We are pleased to announce the release of Petri β version, a worldwide CRO / CMO search web service. For your outsourcing research, you can find a best service provider from more than 1,300 companies all over the world.

    • 2019.10.02
    • We've been granted Tokyo New Product & Service Development Program

    We have been granted “New Product & Service Development Program 2019” by Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation. We will develop an AI-based biotech search system with our partner company.