Close discussions with the Pangaea team to improve
the accuracy of the search led us to create a satisfactory CRO list.

  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
    Pharmacokinetics Laboratory

There are many CROs in Japan and abroad, including start-up companies, who possess biomarker testing capabilities. They are often contacted through conferences and distributors. On the contrary, we had little information on CROs compatible with late-stage R&D projects, so we asked Pangaea to investigate. Pangaea team worked closely with us to figure out how to reflect the required level of regulatory compliance in the search. The search accuracy was improved step by step while getting a feel with preliminary searches. We received flexible support for additional work within our budget and created a CRO list that we satisfied.

Diverse, multilateral exploration and evaluation enabled us
to find the right company for the project goals.

  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
    Medical Device Business Division

We were looking for biotechs whose technology complemented our own in biomarker research with our collaborator. Pangaea effectively evaluated the company and its technology level by using multifaceted perspectives such as the number of papers, total funding amount, and alliances with other companies. During the project, there were some changes in the scope of the target companies and the direction of the goals. But thanks to close communication and flexible and precise actions, we received the detailed survey results without delay.